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Mira Sayed Ali Datar Sakhaawat k Dhani hain,
Jo Taqdeer me Nahin hota vo bhi Khuda se dilaate hain..
Childhood Miracles :- BACHPAN KE KARAMAT

Miracle of Hazrat Sayed Ali Mira Datar commenced from childhood (bachpan). He was weeping for milk, Dama amma embraced him praying to ALLAH Subhana Taala that if I was having Milk I would have fed him. The moment she prayed it was accepted in the Darbar of ALLAH Subhana Tala and she got milk. She feeded him happily on seeing this everybody was astonished. They were sure that this is from ALLAH Subhana tala. After that his father Dost Mohammed married her

Dead Boy was brought to live Four years after his death :-

In 1935 there was a coolie by the name of Devilal and he had great loce for Sayed Ali Mira Datar dargah and was a regular visitor of the Mazaar Shariff. By the Duaas of Mira Datar Devilal got a son whom he named Roshanalal, when the son was four years old, he got ill and was operated in Ahmedabad Civil hospital but doctors could not save him and he died of his illness...

He was buried near Unnava Pond, Devilal and his Wife both used to come to mazar shariff and weep a lot they used to cry at the darbar and say to Sayed Ali that they had a lot of expectations from his mazaar but theylost their child..Then both the parents were very dejected and thy went to Ahmedabad.

There also he used to sit alone and cry full day thinking of Sayed Ali one day he was sitting in a closed room and was crying alone for his lost son..Suddenly he saw a very beautiful small boy standing in front of him and he said go your son Roshan is waiting for you at Delhi Station.

Devilal was shocked as the room was locked from inside How could someone come inside the closed room and as soon as the boy gave Devilal the message he vanished and full room was filled with sweet frangrance.

He realised that small boy was actually Sayed Ali Mira Datar who had come to give him Good News of Return of his son..

There at Delhi station when a train entered the yard when the train was being cleaned the sweeper noticed a small boy just Four years of age wrapped in a white cloth he took the boy to the station master and a lot of people gathered there to see the boy, Soon Devilal also reached delhi and came to the same platform which was told by the small boy and he saw the crowd..he went near and saw that it was actually his son whom he himself had buried three years ago...

He was so happy, Devilal narrated the whole story to station master who with many other people came to Unnava to find the truth and the dug the place where Roshan was buried but there was nothing in the grave.

Sach hi kaha hai kisine...


Operation of Eyes

In 1975 one man by the name of Abu Bakr Bhavra from delwada lost his eyesight due to black magic. Once he was sleeping and in his dream he saw a person who told him that if you need your eyesight goto Unnava..

Next day when he got up he went straight to Unnava. There he sat near the Aasthana of Sayed Ali Mira Datar and started crying daily he used to sit and night he saw in his dream that his eye are being operated on..soon he heard Fazr Azaan he got up and touched his eyes...

His eyes were wrapped in white cloth as if just now they have been operated upon. When he removed the cloth he was shocked to see,... He had got his eyesight back.. He was very happy and thanked Sayed Ali Mira Datar for helping him get his eyesight back


10 Feet snake came out from the body of a person

Once In 1978 there was a person living in Raajsthan he had a strange problem he used to feel as if a Snake is biting in his stomach the Pain was unbearable..People adviced him to goto Unnava...there he used to sit and cry at the Darbar of Sayed Ali Mira Datar..

On 7th Moharram a 10 foot Long snake came out from his stomach...This Snake was put into his stomach by black magic..

There are many such waqias in which Lizards, Lemons and other things have come out of people as early On 24 Feb 2004 also a Lizard came out from the stomach of a person who was dying of pain...his interview was also published in Divya Bhaskan newspaper of Unnava.


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