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It is not unknown that in the Islamic world Jinns and Demons and their possession are commonly accepted. The Holy Quran has a whole chapter named after The Jinn who have been created out of the searing fire. Some of them are Muslims and some are deviated who follow different paths. In fact various Surahs of the Holy Qur’an have some verse or another about the Jinn.

Ibn Taimiyah also confirmed the position of the majority scholars stating that the existence of the jinn was an established fact according to the Qur’an and the Sunnah and the agreement of the early scholars. The Jinn too are accountable for their good and bad deeds before ALLAH. Scholars have categorised the Jinn into a resident Jinn called Amaar, a malicious and wicked Jinn called Shaytan; the jinn stronger than shaytan is called Ifreet, while genie is one type of Jinn; and those antagonising young boys are called arwaah. There are various types such as those who fly in the air with wings, those who are in the shapes of creatures such as snakes, dogs, scorpions, lizards, etc. and those who rest in one place and then resume their journey.

Owing to the miraculous powers of healing, the honorific of “Mira Datar” came to be added to the name of Hazrat Sayyad Ali. The word, “Mira” means “The Brave One, ” and “Datar” (or Daata) means “Giver” or “Bestower”. This shrine is known for driving off evil forces and healing the ones, especially the women who are possessed by demons and evil Jinns. . Over the centuries, the mentally affected or "possessed" Indian women have found a sanctuary here. The fame of this Dargah is spread far and wide and people of all religions, caste and creed visit the shrine round the year with offerings of ‘Chaadar’ and for fulfilment of their vows. Fragrance of roses and incense greet the visitors' nostrils. Roses, too, are offered at the shrine. The annual ‘Urs’ is held on 29th of Muharram every year.

Are you a victim of Black Magic..... ?

... Stagnancy in career - blockage of money - result not up to mark or expectations - loosening hold over business results - hope turns failure - unexpected problems - sudden decline in business flow .

... Relationship problems friction in marital life - husband's mind changes - loose interest in family - argumentation & strange behaviour - not in right senses - family nonharmony - constant quarrels & fights - lovers mind changes .

... Biological & psychological problems : extreme unrest - unwanted physical tendency arises - mental block - suffocation - restless mind - suicidal tendencies - destructive feelings - loss of will power & positive spirit - flow of energy in wrong direction - pessimistic .

... Manifestation of wrong events : failure - ill health - loss of job - other woman in husband's life - unforeseen circumstances - mind & body totally lost - fear - phobias - inner turmoil - tensed family affairs - change in behaviour & attitude.


Khadims of Dargah Shariff follow Ancient procedures for eradicating imperfections prevalent in the body, these imperfections could have been caused by Black Magic, Evil Spells, Bad Curse etc.

It is a step towards a completely creating healthy body, mind and soul. In reality it is the only way to cleanse the body, mind and soul to ignite powerful inner spirit to fight evils aura – black magic – evil spells.

This is performed for internal growth, purity, health, purifying the surroundings , ward off evils achieve a powerful protective nucleus , so that no evil eyes can enter our surrounding.


TAVEEZAATS / TALISMANS / AMULETS :: means "Support" and "Instrument". It is a geometric design with Koranic Ayats acting as a Highly efficient tool - and carry spiritual significance .

They work on a vibrational level to help correct negative influences and increase life - supporting energies for progression - fight negative magic works. They are sanctified and energized through an elaborate ritual by specialized people only.

It's prepared under a definite guidelines and with specific rituals, on an appropriate day, time & place, with utmost skill and earnestness, which converts them from mere diagrams to invisible forces of energy, working for the benefit of the individual.

These particular combinations are in fact the keys for establishing RESONANCE with the benefic energies for individuals .Only after understanding your conditions - requirement its combination is set in.

It harnesses our internal energies towards improvement of relationships with the cosmos and the cosmic forces within & around us.It is used for all purpose for health vitality – relation harmony – marital bliss & black magic removal.


For Protection and Nullification of Negatice forces and Evil Spells

Visit the Dargah Shariff Once....




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