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Mehandi Fort Won

In the hands of Sayed Ali Mira Datar was the strength of Sayed Ali. In the battlefield also Sayed Ali prayed his namaz on time, On seeing this many enemy soldiers accepted Islam.

Soon Sayed Ali Mira Datar reached the Palace of King. Name of palace was Jahaz Mahel from where he use to play all Magic tricks. King used all his trick . On seeing face of Sayed Ali Meera Datar, Kings face became white, he was so scared and frightened and started. Tremblingly with fear. He used all of his power, but he could not stand before the power of Aal -e- Rasool.

His soldiers surrendered their weapons. He had tremendous fight with Sayyed Ali Mira Datar and he was badly wounded and he ran away and win on Mehendi Fourt was declared.

Faced Each Other - Hazrat Sayed Ali was Beheaded

As King ran away Sayyed Ali Mira Datar followed him and hide himself in Lohani caves. Syed Mira Dattar asked the soldiers about the Kings whereabouts and thy told Sayed Ali that king is hiding in Lohani caves.

When Sayed Ali reached Lohani caves again here was again Dreadfull fight. and the King accepted defeat. Sayed Ali said to the King that if he seeks pardon with ALLAH Subhawataal and promises not to torture any person of his kingdom he will be forgiven.

The King said yes I seek forgiveness in the court of ALLAH Subhawataala's court please forgive me..As soon as Sayed Ali put his sword down..the king picked up his sword and beheaded Sayed Ali. Hazrat Sayed Ali's head was cut from his body but only his Body had so much power that he picked up his sword again and Chopped the body of the King in three pieces and also cut his Choti (part of long hairs tied behind the head ). The king with the help of his evil power had put his life in his Choti so Sayed Ali cut his choti first and asked his soldiers to bury the Choti of the King near his legs.

The place where Sayed ali was martyred was filled with Flowers. Sayed Ali followed the Sunnah of Hazrat Qasim (r.a) when he was killed in Karbala Hazrat Qasim was a Groom for just one day the same way Sayed Ali was also a groom just for one day

Burial of Hazrat Sayed Ali

After he was martyered Sayed Ali came in dream of his grandfather Sayed Ilmuddin and gave him the good news that Mandavgad has been won and also showed him the place where his body was lying in Lohani Caves. In the dream Hazrat Sayed Ali instructed his grandfather to take his body from the caves and bury him Unnava, also he instructed his grandfather to bury the Choti of the King near his Legs.

Place where the Choti of king is Buried

Soon Hazrat Saayed Ilmuddin and King Mehmood Begda reached Luhani caves and saw RED HORSE of Sayed Ali on the gate..the Horse took the king and his grandfather to the body of Hazrat Sayed Ali..All people were astonished to see Flowers covering the body of Sayed Ali as no one till now knew where the body of Sayed Ali is lying..

Soon the body was taken out and taken to Aalamgir Masjid where his body was kept in a casket and the casket was kept on a She camel and thy left for one place the She camel stopped and dint move an inch..people tried their best but could not move the camel..

On investigation it was revealed that it was the same place where hazrat Sayed Ali had buried the Miswak and thy saw that instead of a small miswaak there was a big Miswaak tree now..and there Sayed Ali was buried and Dargah stands today at the same place.

Remains of Miswaak tree preserved at Dargah Shariff

This way martyrdom of Sayed Mira Ali Datar won the fort of Mandawgad. When he was Martyred it was Friday, 29th Moharram

Name : Mira Datar

Hazrat Sayed Ali became famous by the name of Mira Datar, Meera means BRAVE and DATAR means Person who gives. Mira Datar became famous in every nook and corner of the world and people from all over the world irrespective of caste, color and religion till today come to his mazaar and get treated of all Black magic and evil spirits.. Click here to know more about treatment

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